Connecting Hearts, Creating Smiles

Business Contents for domestic companies

Management consulting

Management consultingby Smile Link Partners
  • Management strategy / Growth strategy
  • Entrepreneur / business planning
  • Business Improvement / Financial Improvement
  • Marketing
  • Collaborative Project
  • Support of primary producers’ diversification into processing and distribution

Food Business Aggregator

Food Business Aggregator by Smile Link Partners
  • Planning and management of food events
  • Recipe development of restaurants
  • New product development in processed food industry
  • Branding of agricultural, forestry and fishery products
  • Collaborative sixth sector industrialization

Outbound supporter

Outbound supporter by Smile Link Partners
  • Overseas coordination of food and others
  • Support for creation of overseas opportunities for food and others
  • Import / export agency business of food and other
  • Multilingual translation service
  • WEB / SNS operation agency for overseas

Inbound creator

Inbound creator by Smile Link Partners
  • Food Platform Business
  • Food tourism for visitors to Japan
  • Preference study for foreigners
  • Japanese cuisine class for foreigners
  • Regional revitalization business through food


Other business by Smile Link Partners
  • Seminar lecturer / Training instructor
  • WEB page creation / Operation agency
  • Overseas business negotiation agency
  • Food related questionnaire survey / Analysis
  • All other business related to food

Company Profile

Company name

Smile Link Partners Inc.


3 million yen




2-3-7-201, Okano, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Pref.

Company Executive

Tadashi Shinbo